Welcome to Pure Bliss Massage!  Whether you've come to this page looking for a therapist or just out of curiosity, I hope you'll take something of use away with you.

I have been a practising massage therapist for 16 years, during which time I've learnt many different massage techniques and added numerous skills to my massage toolbox so that I can help my clients with pain relief, relaxation and general wellbeing.

In the past all my massage clients have been word of mouth but I really want to spread the word about what I do as I know a lot of people think they have to live with pain when, in fact, lots of complementary therapies can help.  In my opinion, massage is a really powerful tool for helping free people from pain but also a place where you can learn self-help techniques putting you in control and a space to take some time for yourself - something many people almost never do in our increasingly demanding world.

I like to get to know my clients and to find out what works for them.  My massages aren't generic - I work with you, the client, and want to help with your needs.  So if you come to me with specific pain I will work to ease that pain, but if you're finding it hard to sleep I'll work on relaxation.   As I'm interested in health in general and constantly read and research about health and wellbeing, for those clients who want to help themselves, I can also give you tips and further reading.  Whatever you need from the treatment time, I will try to help.

Like most therapists, my massage training is on-going.  It never stops and I'm constantly learning new ways of working to help you get the most from my massage whilst, at the same time, ensuring my way of working is safe for my own body as I want to have a long and pain free massage career.

If you'd like to know more, take a look at my website and feel free to call for a chat or email me for more information.

Remember "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes ... including you" Anne Lamott.