As a Clinical Massage Therapist my work is outcome based, specialising in the treatment of chronic pain.  I aim to increase my clients' range of motion and decrease their level of pain within a series of relaxing and relatively pain free massages.

All my clients are individuals.  I take A holistic approach, looking at the whole person, lifestyle factors and current issueS, CUSTOMISing my massage to SUIT your needs. 

Although I offer specific treatments as listed, I generally incorporate aspects of all of these techniques into my clinical work.  I also offer relaxation massages and I get genuine pleasure seeing my clients leaving de-stressed and calm.

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What happens in a consultation?

In our initial consultation I will talk to you about past health history, current concerns, any pain condition and I may assess your range of motion for certain movements as well as posture. Every client benefits from my extensive training and I draw on a range of techniques from different styles where appropriate, including my clinical massage training, Eastern practices, Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, aromatherapy, deep tissue and hot stone fusion.  Using a 'listening touch' with my hands, I work on areas of tension and stress, leaving you feeling relaxed and revived, aiming to relieve your pain.

Follow-up appointments will assess improvements in range of motion and we will adapt our treatment plan according to any changes as we go forward.


As a qualified aromatherapy massage therapist I have the great bonus of being able to use aromatherapy oils for my treatments if you choose.  Oils can be chosen to help relax, invigorate or help your mood.  


You can either book a specialised hot stone massage or I can use the stones as part of one of my therapeutic massages.  Please let me know in advance if you would like hot stones so that they have time to heat up before the massage.