Before the Treatment

To gain the full benefits of your massage, we advise you to shower before your treatment, if possible.

You should not eat for at least 3 hours before the massage and should not drink any alcohol as this may decrease the effects of the massage or may react with some oils if used.

Please be prepared to undertake some range of motion tests - these are very simple movements such as moving your neck from side to side or raising and lowering your arms so that I can assess any muscle imbalances.  

After the Treatment

Because massage treatments can have a profound effect on your body, you may experience some reactions including:

    Aching and soreness within the muscles


    A heightened emotional state

These are perfectly normal and are due to the release of toxins, the nerve fibres responding to the deep work, and the initiation of heating energies. To decrease these effects and enhance the benefits of your massage, we advise the following:

    Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

    Avoid stimulants, including tea and coffee, for 24 hours.

    Avoid sunbeds or direct sunlight for 24 hours.

    Eat lightly - don't overload your digestive system.

    Relax where possible.

     Following aromatherapy give the oils time to work - avoid baths or showers for 6-12 hours if possible.  If you must bathe, do not use bath oils.

Most of kind to yourself - you deserve it!