Massages are one of those things I save up for to treat myself.  Over the years I’ve had massages at lots of wonderful places but I have to say Ali Cook is THE best masseuse I’ve ever been to.  I’ve been a regular client of hers for years both at her home practice and at work where she practises weekly, she’s helped me through pregnancies, back pain, stress, emotional times and relaxation.  She’s incredible!   I cannot recommend her highly enough.    Katie, Bristol

I'm an illustrator and, as a result, get a really sore shoulder.  Regular sessions with Ali have been amazing, and have slowly worked away years of knots.  I always come out of each session feeling great and would highly recommend Ali's treatments.   Niki, Bristol

I originally came to Ali to see if her massages would relieve the tension in my feet and legs which I have developed from multiple surgeries and early onset arthritis. She didn’t disappoint. We discussed what would be the best course of action for me, as I would need specific attention in certain areas that may feel uncomfortable at first. I visited her on a weekly basis to get things going, and once Ali and I felt we were seeing some progress our sessions became further apart as I needed the massages less.

Ali made me feel very relaxed and that I could tell her if something didn’t feel right. I am now able to come to Ali for massages as and when I need them down to her great work. 

I then went to Ali about a pain that had developed in my shoulder that was causing me a lot of discomfort. In one half hour session and advice for an early night’s sleep, the pain was gone. She’s brilliant. Ali gives great advice on how to supplement the massage treatment too. I have also come to Ali for more therapeutic massages and they have been wonderful, I’m almost sent to sleep with relaxation.

Ali is very approachable, professional and a master at massage. I can’t recommend her enough! Hannah, Bristol

Excellent! Friendly and professional service. I have been going to Ali for several years now and even though I have moved further away to Melksham, I still return as no one else compares. I have tried other places closer to home due to the fact I live over an hour away, however have decided to stay with Ali as I feel completely comfortable and 100% content. I have had several back pain issues in the past and whether I need relaxation or fixing - Ali always gets to the root of any issue I have straight away. Professionalism, knowledge and personality - second to none. Recommend? Absolutely!     Clare, Melksham.

Ali is masterful at working with, and responding to your body's quirks.  She's expert at applying just the right amount of pressure in just the right places and relaxing tension that other massages never seem to achieve.  I have complete confidence in her abilities.     Martin, Bath

I often joke that Ali has magic hands but she has certainly chosen the right name for her business as every treatment with her really is pure bliss! My sanctuary from being a busy self employed business owner who has been really rubbish at taking time out to not only relax but look after my body. My work is quite physical with lots of lifting, reaching and being on my feet for hours on end. I used to ignore the aches & pains but after one amazing hot stone massage with Ali, I realised that taking time to look after myself was imperative  - emotionally & physically. I felt immediately at ease with Ali, nurtured & looked after. I look forward to handing myself over to her every fortnight! Ali has also been brilliant in explaining the connections between the muscles & why there could be certain aches in certain parts of my body & what I can do at home to help these as well. Highly recommended!! Kirsten, Bristol 

Ali has been massaging me for over a year now and is by far the best therapist I know.  Ali’s massage has helped with both physical discomfort and emotional strain and not only does her therapy help the way I feel physically, but the atmosphere she creates in her treatment room offers a real sense of calm and spiritual environment where I can completely relax.  I usually opt for the addition of the hot stones which gives a deep and restorative massage, which I really love. I always leave feeling really ‘blissed out’ and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pure Bliss Massage.  Anna, Bristol

Ali, thank you for such a fab experience - my aching, post baby back thanks you and I now have a spring in my step! Absolutely brilliant. Thanks again. Brooke, Bristol

I've been for a fair few massages, and my full body massage with Ali was definitely one of the best! Everything from a warm welcome to perfectly paired aromatherapy oils. Lovely pressure throughout. It was my first massage with hot stones too.. I am a convert! They were amazing! Can't wait to book in again! Sarah, Bristol

Quite simply one of (if not the) top professional massage companies in the business! Whether sporting injuries, stress or general aches and pains, Ali has helped me deal with them all for over a decade. 
Her choice of aromatherapy oils is always top notch too. Andy, Bristol